Windham County Conservation District

The Windham Natural Resources Conservation District helps individuals, groups and communities conserve their land and water by providing education, information, demonstrations and technical assistance.

Got Pond?

Sizzling summer, the time of year when our thoughts turn to popsicles and poolsÖ anywhere, anyhow to cool off. And what could be better than your own private little pond? Itís also this time of year, however, that one begins to notice the problems that can crop up in that bowl of liquid heaven. Is your pond turning into a mud pit? Green scum encrusted? Weeds too thick to wade through? Donít fret and put that bathing cap back on; most pond problems have a workable solution.

Please visit our new website at:  windhamcountynrcd.org for updated information on programs, workshops and available resources.
Last Updated ( Friday, 21 March 2014 )
24th Annual District Plant Sale!

This year the Windham County NRCD again has a diversity of flowers, shrubs, trees and perennial fruits & veggies available for sale. We also have a large array of plants that are used to control erosion along streambanks to assist landowners in revegetation efforts.

Orders will be taken until April 11th and pick-ups will be from 9am - 12pm on Saturday, April 26th in the Natural Resources Dept. at the TIC center at Brattleboro Union High School.

Please visit the Tree & Trout Sale 2014 page on our new website for full details and ordering information at:  www.windhamcountynrcd.org  

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 March 2014 )
Portable Skidder Bridge Rental Program

 The Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District in cooperation with the Watershed Forestry Program of the Agency of Natural Resources have constructed two portable skidder bridges to rent to loggers and consulting foresters in Windham County. If you are interested in further information regarding the Rental Program please contact Jolene Hamilton at (802) 254-5323, Ext. 104skidderbridge.gif 

Portable skidder bridges are designed and intended for use as temporary structures for crossing streams during logging. They are also economical since they are reusable, and easy to install and transport from job to job. They are a reliable solution to help reduce logging costs associated with temporary stream crossings. Portable skidder bridges ensure that equipment and logs crossing over water bodies are not  causing stream bed or streambank disturbance and thus minimizing the potential for soil erosion. Portable skidder bridges allow loggers to harvest timber in compliance with Vermont’s AMP’s.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 28 August 2009 )
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